HcG Used for weight loss in Jupiter

What is HcG


How is Hcg Used for weight loss?

Human chorionic gonadotropin, also called HCG, is a hormone that is present in high levels during early stages of pregnancy. This is perhaps the mechanism that allows patients who utilize the HcG Diet in Jupiter for weight loss to burn fat cells as fuel and maintain muscle. Patients who take HcG for weight management have seen their muscle tone increase and belly fat decrease. 

HCG is also used in the treatment of male and female fertility issues. The British doctor, Albert Simeons first began to use HCG for weight loss in 1954. Much has been learned since then and HcG can be used in many different ways to help safely balance and optimize the hormone levels in both men and women. Anyone interested in learning more about the HCG Diet in Palm Beach Gardens or surrounding areas can call us at 561-277-8260...were happy to help.

The HCG Diet and Losing Fat


First utilized by doctor Simeon, who began utilizing HcG to help patients lose weight in the 1950's the HcG diet quickly began to generate excitement due to how effective it was in helping patients lose the weight that they wanted.  HcG is safe and useful for weight loss because patients burn fat for energy while still maintaining muscle mass and tone. 

Unlike the original HcG diet, we DO NOT RECOMMEND RESTRICTIVE CALORIE INTAKE! Instead we recommend our patients eat healthy balanced meals and make sensible choices in both quantity and quality of food that they eat. Where Dr Simeon had a 500 calorie per day limit, the NovaGenix Sheer Contours diet does not have such rigid diet and calorie restrictions and allows patients the ability eat reasonably so that they won't feel hungry and desperate,  like with several other fad diet plans and programs! We can help patients lose fat and shed unwanted pounds with HcG and a few other vitamins and medications that we provide which offer amazing weight loss benefits.

Successful HcG Diet Plans


We help our patients quickly lose weight in a safe and effective medically supervised weight management program. Our treatments have helped our patients lose an average of 23lbs in just six weeks. You will lose pounds and inches with our doctor Supervised Weight Loss Programs. You can reach out to learn more about our success stories and begin to share some of your own. The biggest hurdle in starting weight loss is procrastination. Don’t wait to lose weight. Pick up the phone and give us a call at 561-277-8260 to live better and healthier today. 


HCG Injections For Men - Uses, Benefits, Effectiveness

What does HcG Treat?

Many people have inquired about human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG). We’re constantly asked about what it is and what it treats. To answer the questions, its best to start by discussing the symptoms it treats. Basically, if you feel  tired all the time, have increased body fat and feel a step slower than you used to be, you might benefit from HCG. If you’re not feeling like yourself or as if you’re slowing down, its possible that  HCG may be right for you. For men, much of their prowess, confidence, and optimal overall sense of physical well being comes from their production of testosterone. Testosterone gives men the energy to sustain a full day of work, fight illness, regulate mood, burn fat, build muscle and provide us with that drive which makes us “men.” Although HCG has been touted for its weight loss benefits and its wonders on your physique, HCG and testosterone are inseparably connected and it has much more to offer men than making us look better. It will make you feel, act and perform better than you have in years. 

If you live in or near Palm Beach Gardens, our weight loss programs can help you look live and feel better, but more importantly, you will be healthier. Obesity is a major cause of morbidity and chronic health problems. We can help you out today. Just click here to learn more about Palm Beach Gardens Weight Loss programs.

Benefits of Hcg

HCG is a hormone that has undeniable effects on both men and women. Obviously for different reasons. The most common benefits would be weight loss, muscle growth, and body renovation. This is why HCG is typically used for both diet and weight loss, which will show dramatic results and positively effect patients who are on a doctor supervised regimen. In terms of optimal wellness, HCG works in correcting and optimizing the hormonal balance of both men and women, particularly in their reproductive related endocrine systems. 

HcG Hasmany potive health benefits for men.   HCG is remarkably effective in helping to increase testosterone levels because LH is normally only active when we sleep. In the sleep-deprived world you live in, it gets difficult to get enough rest to properly support these biological processes that are necessary for your testosterone health. HCG also helps us sleep better, so without these natural levels, we don’t sleep well and when we don’t sleep well, we generate less HCG and our bodies enter this vicious cycle where we produce lower amounts of testosterone daily. HCG has also been shown to make androgen receptors more responsive allowing for sexual dysfunctions to be corrected due to the pituitary gland releasing greater amounts of growth hormone. In short, while your testosterone levels are increasing, androgen activity is also increased to improve penile growth, higher sperm counts, as well as testicular growth. HCG can be prescribed to stimulate the production of normal and healthy testosterone levels without negative side effects.

Can Men USe HcG?

 How can this benefit men? 

As men age and their hormone levels slowly but surely decline, their lifestyles also show a change. Less physical activity and more restless nights. Increased body fat and sedentary lifestyle choices creep in. So what do we see change? A male’s hormones and biological processes slow down and often cause a steady decine in testosterone production of approximately 1% a year. This begins at different ages but you can be sure that there is a notable difference between what you were able to do at 30, 40 and then 50. What exactly does this mean for you? Low testosterone.  

Here is what it does to men.

Reduced energy levels. You feel beat all the time 

Loss of lean muscle mass. What happened to those pecks and abs?

You gain weight…Fat…not muscle.

Low levels of endurance & performance in physical activity. You slow down.

Less vitality in the bedroom. This can cause terrible strains on relationships.  

Infertility. In younger men, starting a family may not be an option.


Greater risk of diabetes, heart disease, and other chronic health conditions.

Low self-esteem and confidence. You’re not the man you used to be.

Diet and Weight Loss To Lose Weight


Customized Weight Loss Programs

Through our programs, we have helped hundreds of patients lose weight with ease. On average, our patients will lose between 20-30 lbs in just 6 weeks and KEEP it off! Almost anyone who is interested in weight-loss has tried one of these new wave fad diets or exercise programs, spending significant money and time only to have it fail in the end. If you want to lose weight, then we can help. Our programs provide fast, safe and effective  weight loss success.


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