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Our medical weight-loss programs are designed supervised and developed by physicians and medical professionals. Our team Will help teach you how to optimize your health and get you started on a customized program that will show real results. When incorporating diet as well as exercise and sound lifestyle choices, you'll have the ability to reach your goals which will help you to look and feel your best.


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weight loss programs in Jupiter

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Benefits To Our Programs


 There's many benefits to starting a medical weight loss program. To start off...they're unique,  individualized and personal. We understand that every person is unique so we customize our programs to meet your specific requirements and goals based on your age weight and metabolism. We take into account your lifestyle activity and overall health to determine how to move forward and create a program specified for you. Medical weight loss is also supervised,  meaning that you're not in this alone. We will be there to help you every step of the way and will answer any questions that you may have.  

You Deserve To Be Happy

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 Weight loss is not easy but we will make it as seamless for you as possible. We're here to help not judge. We want you to be happy and healthy and will do everything that we can to ensure your success. Medically supervised weight loss programs provide long-term success. Where these fad diets and short term crash programs may provide immediate results they are usually short-lived and don't result in a long-term success.  We will do everything in our power to give you the tools and skills to make your weight management part of how you move forward in living your life...happier and healthier than ever before.  

Our Weight Loss Mission



Our mission is to help out all of our patients in achieving a healthy  lifestyle and improved well-being. We have a professional, friendly, qualified staff who are highly knowledgeable industry leading experts that specialize in weight loss, BHRT and wellness. NovaGenix Wellness Clinic is committed to helping patients look, feel and live their best at any age. We provide our patients with a thorough medical evaluation, as well as the encouragement and follow up treatments that they need to be successful not just in the moment but for the rest of their lives. Health and Wellness is a lifelong commitment and at www.NovaGenix.org we're committed to helping our patients achieve just that.


Reaching Your Weight Loss Goals

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 We pride ourselves on having an extremely high customer satisfaction rate and overall success of our programs. Doctor drive, and patient oriented, we succeed where the others fail If your choice is to live healthier, longer, and look better, then NovaGenix Wellness Clinic is ready to provide you with the right tools to ensure optimal health, beauty and well-being at home, work, or wherever you are.
Let us help you gain control of your life! Look, feel and live better today. 

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Email us at info@novagenix.org or
Visit us on the web at www.NovaGenix.org and call 561-277-8260 for more information on how we can help you get started today!!! 

Palm Beach County's Best Weight Loss Programs

Successful weight loss programs have helped patients look, live and feel better by reaching their goals and dropping unwanted pounds. The benefits are tremendous to one's overall health and well being. 


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